Our approach is unique. Acrisure Benefits Group (ABG) combines the strategic and tactical value of brokerage services with the talent and resources of a consulting firm. ABG’s mission is to turn your employee benefit expense into an organizational investment. ABG understands that today’s reality is doing more with less and getting less for more. We offer a disciplined process designed to:

MEASURE your current program strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
DESIGN a plan around your organizational objectives
EXECUTE and track the measurable continuously
INSPIRE employees to take ownership in their health associated costs and fully understand the total value of your organization’s benefit program

Financial Stewardship

• Negotiating leverage • Plan modeling • Underwriting claims analytics • Information based consulting • Cost/Benefit analysis • Benchmarking

Well-being / Healthy Outcomes

• Productivity • Diagnostics • Measurable results • Medical management • Elevate • Well-being regulatory support

Employee Communication

• Customized • Benefit brand development • Multiple mediums • Consumer driven toolbox • Maximize outcomes

Enrollment & Benefit Technology

• Preferred partners • Collaborative client solution • Data integration • HRIS systems • Online enrollment • Call center • Automated scheduling • Pre-enrollment fulfillment

Pharmacy Management

• Carve-outs • Pooling • Audit • Contract negotiations • Transparency • Specialty drug management • Education


• Health Care Reform • FMLA • COBRA • Plan documents, SPD, wrap document • Discrimination testing • 5500 and Summary Annual Report prep • Legal Counseling on Plan Design


• Eligibility management • Billing consolidation & support • Claims resolution • Benefit administration support
Acrisure Benefits Group is the standard bearer with regard to depth and breadth of resources. ABG offers unlimited access to our LOCAL talent. ABG offers you and your organization the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive business process designed to yield an investment grade “Best in Class” benefit strategy in which ALL POSSIBILITIES are explored.