Hello, I’m Cassie Youngs


We describe Cassie as friendly, supportive, and resourceful. It’s pronounced “kay-see”, but she has heard it all and will answer to just about anything. Cassie is the glue that holds our team together. If you have a question, she’s the one to ask. How does one get to be that go-to person? Cassie will say it’s because of her upbringing in small town Belding, MI. When everyone knows everything about you, it creates a sense of personal responsibility. She takes her work seriously, but loves to keep it fun and personal. Cassie is the ultimate hostess, she takes the time to learn about everyone’s “favorites” such as favorite soda, sports team, or color and uses that information to make people feel comfortable and appreciated. She also loves to learn about each of our client’s companies; if you offer a behind the scenes company tour, sign Cassie up! In summary, there’s not much Cassie can’t do – both for our clients and for our internal staff.

When it comes to wall art, Cassie and her husband can’t pass up a great deal. This has resulted in numerous purchases of beautiful artwork, most of which can be found in stacks piled up in their office, rather than the bare walls of their home. Their intentions are good!