Hello, I’m Heather Mouw

Account Manager

We describe Heather as outgoing, organized, and a multi-tasker. Heather is our jack of all trades. She has had her hand in several specialties while on our team and has excelled in all of them. She was born in New Jersey and moved to Grand Rapids, MI at the age of 8. Her New Jersey roots come out from time to time – ask her to say “orange” next time you see her. Heather graduated from Grand Valley State University. She joined the insurance world in college and never left. Heather’s work ethic is top notch. Give her a task and she will do it and do it well. Her main focus is providing our smaller clients with a key account level of service. One of Heather’s favorite aspects of managing accounts is leading enrollment meetings. She enjoys speaking directly to employees to help them understand their benefits so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their families. Heather truly becomes an extension of her clients’ HR team, helping them streamline processes, manage eligibility rules, be sure carrier contracts and summaries are in order, and so on. She is also a self-taught IT/computer whiz – something our clients appreciate when needing to troubleshoot benefit technology.

Heather is the queen of high quality gift wrapping. In fact, she loves it so much her family and friends have encouraged her to start a side business for wrapping presents around the holidays. Gift bags = laziness, according to Heather – something to keep in mind if you are ever giving Heather a gift.