Hello, I’m Mollie Ellens, CCWS

Account Manager, Data & Claims

We describe Mollie as caring, kind, and compassionate. Mollie’s positive attitude is contagious, which makes her an absolute joy to work with. Mollie has always lived in Grand Rapids, MI, except for her college years at Ferris State University where she studied nursing. Mollie brings a unique background to employee benefits having years of clinical experience in the medical field as well as over 8 years of experience in human resources. It allows her to see things from the medical, HR and insurance side. Mollie’s background has also given her a knack for data and claims analytics. She loves to analyze data and dig deep into the diagnosis to figure out the root cause of the issue and how that can help clients drive down claims. This specialty translated well when Mollie became a day-to-day contact for our clients as an Account Manager. Mollie is also all about well-being and serves as a committee lead on Acrisure’s corporate wellness committee and she is a certified Corporate Wellness Specialist.

You will often hear Mollie gushing about her family – particularly her adorable son, but also her husband and puppy. She is a family girl through and through.