Our Promise

The demands and direction of the benefits landscape has, is and will continue to transform. ABG has restructured our delivery model to proactively accommodate these changes. Our team of committed and competent benefits professionals include specialists with experience in disciplines that transcend the transactional nature of “brokerage” and allow our client partners direct and unlimited access to resources unmatched in our market space. ABG does not employ sales associates. We remove the veil of dueling agendas that never really get fully realized through the typical sales process. In our discovery process we encourage an exploratory exchange based on your company’s objectives, not ours. From the beginning, this process allows access to the professionals who will ultimately execute your benefits strategy.

 “It is our hope that the functional and tactical products and services briefly described on this Web site will INSPIRE you to remember why we offer benefits in the first place. Let’s maximize the opportunities that do exist and improve your organizational benefits value and brand. If you do choose to engage in the exploratory process, we will ensure our team will make it worth your time and attention by displacing the sales environment with the spirit of education.

I would be honored to personally discuss any Human Capital issue(s) that interest you and/or coordinate an exploratory exchange sure to prove provocative.”

In Good Health,
– Jim Alton, President