Hello, I’m Erica Dekker

Communications Specialist

We describe Erica as organized, friendly, and thoughtful. Erica keeps all of our ducks in a row when it comes to communications. She is passionate about her to-do lists and gets a great deal of personal satisfaction from crossing something off. Erica was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI where she went to Calvin College and earned a degree in communications. Her college studies took her to Chicago for a short time, but we’re so glad she ultimately ended up in GR. Erica’s attention to detail is particularly beneficial as she is heavily involved in creating and editing our communication materials. With a creative eye, she makes sure all of our clients’ documents are looking just right down to the tiniest of details – something clients may not notice on their own, but has an impact on the final product.

Erica takes the cake when it comes to planning cheesy parties for her friends. Name any holiday, birthday, or random occasion, and she has probably thrown a party for it – complete with handmade decorations. She’s crafty like that.